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What are You Breathing?

We inhale as much as 3,500 gallons of air a day, and the majority of that air is from our homes. Polluted air is by far the largest cause of respiratory problems in children and adults. Millions of Americans suffer from asthma, and a large portion of the population is allergic to pet dander. The human body sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes a day. And our homes provide an active environment for thousands of dust mites. Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture in the home and release mold spores into the air we breathe. Pollen and dust in the home may also cause breathing problems for some.

                                                             The Problem is pollutants are Trapped Inside.

                                                                                   The majority of homes built today are airtight to help save                                                                                   on energy costs. This is great for saving money, but it causes                                                                                  indoor air pollutants to become trapped in the home. 

                                                                               Most home owners today depend on a 1 inch filter to clean                                                                                    the air in the home. These filters are very inefficient and stop                                                                                  only the largest particles, and have an average life of 30 days.


High effiency air filters are available, but most of them require remodeling or adapting the ductwork in the furnace room. This can be very expensive, and many homes don't have the space to install them. These types of furnace filters require changing the media as many as four times a year!


There is a better way!

The HEBA365™ Air Cleaner built with high efficiency filter media bags, which have been used successfully in commercial applications for years. No adapting of duct work required!

  • High Efficiency - MERV 11

  • Fits Most HVAC Systems

  • Up to 50 Square Feet of Filter Area

  • Professionally Installed

  • Simple to Replace (yearly) - We will remind you.

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