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About HEBA365™

KME Founder, Douglas Kearsley has spent over 35 years in  the HVAC and appliance repair business.  Over the years, he has been frustrated that he could not provide his customers with an efficient low cost way to clean the air in their homes.  He studied many different filter systems and could not find one that had the features he was looking for.

These features are:

1. High Efficient Air Cleaner

2. Inexpensive

3. No need for extensive duct work

4. A filter that would last a year

5. Fit into the existing heating systems in most homes

In 2009 Doug started working with a local manufacturer of commercial and residential furnace filters.  Together they developed an air cleaner with all the features they could see were needed to provide better air quality.  They used a high efficiency material and shaped it into bags, a concept used for years in commercial systems.  The filter has up to 50 square feet of media surface, which means the filter will last up to one year before replacement is needed.  Many home owners forget or dislike changing their filters, so a filter that only requires a yearly changing makes this chore easier.  And as a courtesy to our customers, each year we will remind you when it's time to change your air cleaner.

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