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Clean fresh air.


​We here at Kearsley Marketing Enterprises are excited to share the revolutionary, patented HEBA365™ Air Cleaner with you. So you can breathe easier, dust less, and protect your hvac equipment.


Helping you and your family...

  • Breath Easier

  • Less Dusting

  • Remember to Replace Filter    (Only once a year in most cases.)

/ LESS ALLERGIES, Breath Easier

/ LESS DUST - MERV 11 - Air Cleaner

Up to 98% efficient at stopping dust at

1 to 3 microns
/ REMOVES: Dust mite remains, pollen, 

pet hair & dander, lint, airborne mold,

dust & dead skin cells
/ LESS EXPENSIVE than most High 

Efficiency Air Filters & electronic air

/ Professionally installed in your existing

duct work
/ Up to 50 square feet of filter area
/ Simple to change & only required once

a year in most cases.
/ Fits in most HVAC Systems
/ Protects your equipment.



"It's in the Bag"

​Our team is available to demonstrate the HEBA365™ Air Cleaner and answer your questions.

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